24 Nov 2012

Learning arabic as FL
Welcome to teaching and researching second language (L2)foreign language (FL) Listening.

This materials are for the puropse of learning Arabic

Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi speaks to supporters in front of the presidential palace in Cairo (23 Nov 2012)
Read about the news in English
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20475284  (opinion)

Now listen to Arabic  ( state anouncment)

Source BBC Arabic


Plan for directing my listening/viewing activity (Please send a copy to me if you would like any support or feedback- ae2arabiclistening{at} gmail{at}com 

Title of selected recording :
I selected because:

Before I listen
1-Setting my goal
·         What do I hope to achieve from listening to/ viewing this recording?
How many times should I listen to/view it?
2-preparing to listen
·         What do I know about this topic?
·         What type of information can I expect to hear?
·         What words can I expect to hear? Use dictionary if necessary)
·         What difficulties can I expect?
·         What strategies should I use?
Write down your respond  here

This may help:

After I listen/View

3-Evaluating my listening
·         What have I understood?
·         Was I able to make use of my prior knowledge about the topic?
·         What difficulties did I face?
·         Were my strategies useful?
·         Write some words and phrases  you heard (in Arabic)
·         What have I learned about learning to listen from this experience?

Before I listen /View again

4-Planning to listen/view again :
·         What should I pay attention to this time?
·         What strategies can I use to improve my understanding?
·         What can I do to help myself enjoy the listening activity?

 Adapted from Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening. (Vandergrift & Goh, 2012)

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