5 Apr 2012

Aswaat Arabiyyaاصوات عربية

Aswaat Arabiyya click here اصوات عربية

This research hopes to identify the metacognitive strategies employed by adults ‎learning Arabic as FL/L2 while listening to oral Arabic text. In addition, identify the ‎obstacles they encounter which prevent them from adequately understanding oral ‎Arabic text.

Lesson 10 Level 3
Go to Advanced المتقدم level of ASWAAT ARABIC by clicking on the link above, then pick up any subject and compare it with the previouse 9 lessons on http://arabiclistening.blogspot.com/ / or http://arabiclistening.blogspot.co.uk/

For examble compare http://www.laits.utexas.edu/aswaat/video_s.php#/3/emily_nasrallah/ with lesson 7 0r 8

Some may ask what is Listening Strategy? well you can google it ,but I am looking at Metacognitive listening strategy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2Z3cWVgWds accessed 5/4/2012

Try to answer the research questions above.(in red). Please keep a diary. Group discussion will be available in the classroom.

Reg: Aswaat Arabiyyaاصوات عربية

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