15 Jun 2014

Sharawyمحمد متولى الشعراوى

Sharawyمحمد متولى الشعراوى:                

You will watch and listen to M.EL-Shaarawy speaks  Arabic only (Egyptian mixed with  MSA and Quran).
Follow this simple steps
1-click here
http://elsharawy.com/     (you will see Sura's names )
2-Click on your  the name of Sura /in blue.         3-Click  on Video

  1. Muhammad Metwally El-Shaarawy was an Egyptian Muslim jurist. Wikipedia
  2. BornApril 15, 1911, Mit Ghamr, Egypt
  3. Died1998
  4. EducationAl-Azhar University (1937–1941)

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