7 Aug 2012

Al-Fatiha [1:1] - Tanzil Quran Navigator

Al-Fatiha [1:1] - Tanzil Quran Navigator:

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For advanced Muslim's students who want to finish reading Qur'an in Ramadan here is the plan:

The Qur'an has 600 pages approx ( exactly 604). If you divide it on 30 days, that is 20 pages per day.
It sound too much? that is difficult to do right?
But if divide it on the 5 prayers a day, it gets easier.
If you read 4 pages after every Salah (prayer) in Ramadan then you have completed the Qur'an.
Furthermore, if you want to complete the Qur'an twice, you read 4 pages before and after Salah.

. التعمق في دراسة القرآن
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