8 Aug 2012

أصوات عربية

Please select the subject you would like to listen to and enjoy listening. If you want feed back please email me at ae2arabiclistening(at)blogspot.com.
use the form I send it to you by email.in case you lost it here is a copy

Plan for directing my Listening/viewing Activity (Please send a copy to me if you would like any support or feedback- ae2arabiclistening(at)gmail.com)


Title of selected recording :

I selected because:

Before I listen

1-Setting my goal

· What do I hope to achieve from listening to/ viewing this recording?

How many times should I listen to/view it?

2-preparing to listen

· What do I know about this topic?

· What type of information can I expect to hear?

· What words can I expect to hear? Use dictionary if necessary)

· What difficulties can I expect?

· What strategies should I use?

Write down your respond here

This may help:



After I listen/View

3-Evaluating my listening

· What have I understood?

· Was I able to make use of my prior knowledge about the topic?

· What difficulties did I face?

· Were my strategies useful?

· Write some words and phrases you heard (in Arabic)

· What have I learned about learning to listen from this experience?

Before I listen /View again

4-Planning to listen/view again :

· What should I pay attention to this time?

· What strategies can I use to improve my understanding?

· What can I do to help myself enjoy the listening activity?

Adapted from teaching and learning second language listening .Vandergrift L, & Goh, C (2012)

Welcome to teaching and researching second language (L2)foreign language (FL) Listening.

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