5 Apr 2012

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This research hopes to identify the metacognitive strategies employed by adults ‎learning Arabic as FL/L2 while listening to oral Arabic text. In addition, identify the ‎obstacles they encounter which prevent them from adequately understanding oral ‎Arabic text.

Lesson 6 level 2+
objective :Understand the main idea and details in a video about the latest procedure to treat heart failure, while analyzing characteristics of spontaneous speech embedded in the video
Describtion :
  • Brainstorm relevant keywords and phrases related to a muted video clip.
  • Identify the overall focus of the audio passage.
  • Examine a variety of lexical structures commonly found in scientific reports.
  • Analyze the supporting facts and details of the video.
  • Study characteristics of Arabic spontaneous speech as they are embedded with formal reporting.
  • Wrap up the lesson by reviewing the key events that are reported in the video

Ref: Global Language.صحة القلب

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