5 Apr 2012

Overview Pageقوانين الطلاق في فلسطين:من منظور إمرأة

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قوانين الطلاق في فلسطين:من منظور إمرأة
This research hopes to identify the metacognitive strategies employed by adults ‎learning Arabic as FL/L2 while listening to oral Arabic text. In addition, identify the ‎obstacles they encounter which prevent them from adequately understanding oral ‎Arabic text.

Lesson 9 level 3
objective :Learn about the social and legal conditions facing Palestinian women, especially related to divorce
Objective :1. Familiarize yourself with divorce laws in Palestine.
2. Gain insight on how the judicial system works in relation to divorce.
3. Consider a Palestinian woman's options and obstacles for getting a divorce.
4. Comprehend the extreme consequences of the Sharia divorce laws.
5. Understand divorce problems for women in the Palestinian territories

Ref: GLOSS ‎

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