5 Apr 2012

Overview Pageنزار قباني

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This research hopes to identify the metacognitive strategies employed by adults ‎learning Arabic as FL/L2 while listening to oral Arabic text. In addition, identify the ‎obstacles they encounter which prevent them from adequately understanding oral ‎Arabic text.

Lesson 8 level 3
Objective : Explore the life and works of the famous Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, some of the themes of his poetry and the highlights of his life

Describtion :
1. Explore the life of poet Nizar Qabbani.
2. Discover details of Nizar Qabbani's life and work.
3. Develop opinions about the work of the poet Nizar Qabbani.
4. Consider specific aspects of the poetry of Qabbani.
5. Understand the author's position regarding the greatness of Qabbani's poetry.
6. Consolidate what you have learned about Qabbani and his poetry


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