5 Apr 2012

Overview Pageفيروز

Overview Page

This research hopes to identify the metacognitive strategies employed by adults ‎learning Arabic as FL/L2 while listening to oral Arabic text. In addition, identify the ‎obstacles they encounter which prevent them from adequately understanding oral ‎Arabic text.

Lesson 9 level 3
objective : Learn about the legendary Lebanese singer named Fairuz and her significance as a symbol of Arab people and their heritage.

Describtion :1. Acquaint yourself with the life of Fairuz and prepare for the listening activity.
2. Become familiar with the legendary singer's influence and popularity.
3. Understand Fairuz through the lenses of other thinkers and authors.
4. Examine Fairuz as a symbol of a people and a heritage.
5. Summarize the most important ideas about Fairuz's life and influence


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