4 Apr 2012

Overview Page الخوف والمخاوف التي تنتابُ الإنسانَ

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Lesson 1 level 3

Objective :
Understand the main ideas and details of a TV interview featuring mixture of MSA and dialect phrases in the speech of educated speakers in a semiformal setting

1. Predict the content of the audio by listening to the announcer's introduction.
2. Determine the speaker's opinion on specific points
3. Listen closely to the interviewee's comment again and isolate the dialectal discourse markers and phrases she uses for emphasis and clarification.
4. Listen to the second part of the interview and focus on the details.
5. Review the main points in the program interview

Ref: Global Language /Dliflc
الخوف والمخاوف التي تنتابُ الإنسانَ

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